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April weather in the UK can be a mixed bag of rising temperatures and left-overs of chillier winter days. Warmer weather sprinkled with the odd temperature drop brings the ambient temperature down to “chiller than normal for this time of year”. This is what the British have generally come to expect and love about this time of year. The sunnier, spring-like weather, alongside the Easter weekend bank holidays, makes April feel like the best month for celebrating outdoors. There’s no better time to enjoy a seasonal event. When it comes to planning your outdoor celebrations, while it is almost entirely impossible to plan the weather for the day, one thing that you do have control over is the type of marquee you will need and the size which will best suit your party-needs.

The size of your marquee is most certainly the first consideration. With DIY marquee sizing is something that they consider tantamount, alongside the design of the marquee. So important are these aspects as part of the planning of the event that they have added many customer friendly sizing tools to their website so you have all the information that you need before you start. Deciding what size marquee to use is easier than you think. Simply decide as you go with the online interactive planner which lists every possible aspect which you may want to consider. Custom size the marquee and click to add buildings, scenery, furniture and other objects which can be placed or moved with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Experiment with different layouts of your choice or select to start by clicking on the generic list of Examples which are already pre-designed for your ease. View your marquee in with your VR headset or if you prefer old school, visit the very comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions or download the erection instructions for your  3m, 4m , 6m or 9m wide marquee.

Simply said, there is nothing that DIY Marquees haven’t done to make the process easier for you so that you can have a premium experience for your springtime event. Bearing in mind that Spring time is mixed bag of sunshine, rain, wind and alternating hot and cold weather, the absolute best marquee to use still remains the Premium DIY Marquees which is ideally for customers looking for a more durable marquee which is what would be recommended to counter act the unpredictability of the seasonal weather. Premium DIY Marquees are by far the best value for money due to the strength of the material as well as many more weather-proof features, such as wind-stop sealed panels, this marquee is designed to endure any weather most of the year around. Premium DIY Marquees come is a variety of sizes due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used, boasting a seating capacity of up to 100 people and the ability to accommodate any shape table plus all the extra features you may need.

Premium DIY Marquees are the best marquees available in the market today.